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Nightwind Stir It Up
Born: April 3, 2002

Ch. Cricklwood About Face Ch. Blackdux Knight Moves JH, WC Ch. Chelon's Mac The Knight CD, JH, WC Ch. Sleepless Knight JH, Am/Can WC
Can Ch. Dixieland's Windy Sailin
Ch. Blackdux French Vanilla Anderscroft Solemn Utopia, JH
Princess Ashley Sandylands
Cricklwood Connivan Am./Can. Ch. Finchingfield Ivan of Oaklea Ch. Briary Brendan of Rainell
Ch. Briary Bustle
Janrow's Shady Lady Ch. Northwood Sandman
Mijan's Mindy
Nightwind's Notorious Flirt, JH, WC Ch. Colton's Calvin Black
Ch. Beechcroft Edgewood's Tomarc Am./Can. Ch. Powhatan Black Badger
Ch. Ballyduff Lark
Beechcroft Breezy Am./Can. Ch. Martin of Ballyduff
Ch. Beechcroft's Skylark
Am./Can. Ch. Birchangreens Nightwind Sass Am./Can. CD, WC, CGC, TDI Am./Can./Bda. Ch. Goldenhills of Bozworth CD, JH, WC
Valleywood Pistol Pete
Anderscroft Winterbrooke
Birchangreen Encore's Tally Ch. Anderscroft Mijan's Bravo
Birchangreen Em's Encore

Design Copyright Peggy Lands 2002
Photos copyright 2002 - Peggy Lands, Nightwind Labradors