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Ch. Cricklwood About Face x Nightwind's Notorious Flirt, JH, WC
We currently do not have any pups available. These pups are typical Nightwind
pups born last winter and I have left the pics here to share with visitors.......Enjoy!

Tori & Ditto's pups were born January 19, 2000....
Just in time to start the new Millenium!!
Tori had 6 boys and 1 girl!

These pics are of Tori and her pups at just a few hours old.
I will have weekly updates so you can watch them grow!

A handsome line up.

Another angle of Tori resting with pups.

I *must* clean these puppies!

I did good, huh??

Tori.....proud mom.

Follow the links below and watch the pups grow up!

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