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~Ch. Surry's Brick In The Wall~ - - -- - - - - ~Nightwind's Notorious Flirt JH, WC~
(OFA: Hips-Good, Elbows Clear, Eyes CERF Current 2003)- - - - - - - (OFA Hips-Excellent, Elbows Clear, Eyes CERF Current 2003)
Litter Planned Winter 2003

Ch. Surry's Brick In The Wall Ch. Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley Eng. Ch. Sandylands Gad-About Eng. Ch. Sandylands My Guy
Eng. Ch. Sandylands Bliss
Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott Newinn Oak Leaf At Kim Valley
Kim Valley Last Fling
Ch. Castlewood Whyaskwhy At Surry Can Ch. Ranbourne This Bud's For You Am. Can. Bda. Ch. Bradking Rangeways Mr. Chips
Ch. Shadowvales Jill at Ranbourne
Ch. Sumo's A-Hoy All Decked Out Ch. Dickendall A-Hoy
Hennwoods Ndiyo Asante Sana
Nightwind's Notorious Flirt, JH, WC Ch. Colton's Calvin Black
Ch. Beechcroft Edgewood's Tomarc Am./Can. Ch. Powhatan Black Badger
Ch. Ballyduff Lark
Beechcroft Breezy Am./Can. Ch. Martin of Ballyduff
Ch. Beechcroft's Skylark
Am./Can. Ch. Birchangreens Nightwind Sass Am./Can. CD, WC, CGC, TDI Am./Can./Bda. Ch. Goldenhills of Bozworth CD, JH, WC
Valleywood Pistol Pete
Anderscroft Winterbrooke
Birchangreen Encore's Tally Ch. Anderscroft Mijan's Bravo
Birchangreen Em's Encore

Design Copyright Peggy Lands 1997-2003
Photos copyright 1997-2003 - Peggy Lands, Nightwind Labradors