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ToriWhat a Face!

~Nightwind's Notorious Flirt JH, WC~

(Ch. Colton's Calvin Black x Am/Can Ch. Birchangreens Nightwind Sass Am/Can CD, WC, CGC, TDI)

This beautiful girl is Tori. She has definitely inherited her Mom's good looks and intelligence. We are so proud of Tori. After taking a "maternity break" from training, Tori came out and ran in her first hunt test when her pups were just 7 1/2 weeks old and finished within a month's time. What a girl!! Now that she has finished her Junior title, we will begin training for Senior!!

Above is a picture of Tori (on the right) with her mom Sass (black) and her son Jarrett (on the left)

Tori takes 2nd in the Bred-By class at the Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club Specialty, 8/18/00 under Breeder-Judge Diane Pilbin, Chucklebrook!!!

Tori titles in Maine!! She is now a Junior Hunter!!!

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