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Here are some of our favorite pics. I hope you enjoy them!

Macy taking a break from the action....

Jarrett contemplates the meaning of life while sitting in a field of flowers ........

Tori (sitting) and her daughter Kylie.

Miss Macy at 6 months of age.......

From left to right Jarrett, Haley, Sass and Tori....what a crew!

This is Tori and her son Jarrett.....I love this picture.

Meet Jarrett...our new boy! This is Jarrett at 9 weeks old. He is a handsome guy.

This is Kylie at 9 mos of age....too cute!

This picture is from our recent trip to Canada. Haley was the
High Scoring Veteran in Obedience with a score of 196 1/2!!!
I am so proud of my girl!!

Tori beats Sass this round of tennis ball retrieving!

Della waiting in the blind....then charging through cover for the duck at the WC Test!!

Vanessa waiting in the blind....she wants that pheasant!!

I love this picture! Why? Well, on the left that
is me and the lovely and talented Vanessa and on the right is Cadie.

I caught this pic of Tori when she wasn't looking! She is
about 6 weeks pregnant in it and
I think she looks quite pretty!

A cute pic of baby Della!

Here is Sass......relaxing in the shade!

Della is "stalking" her mom Sass and is ready to pounce on her!

From left to right.....Echo, Sass, and Della playing retriever games.

More Pics!

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