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Photo Album
Nightwind Labradors


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These are some of my favorite photos.......

Macy in the daylillies



Macy at 16 months. 


Marley Takin' A Break



Miss Marley Mayhem taking a break from the puppy romping....

Pup's First Mark......



Macy marks her first duck!

Macy & her Jolly ball!!

Macy taking a break from the action....

Mom & daughter

Tori (sitting) and her daughter Kylie.

Della @ 7mos earns her WC!

Della waiting in the blind...
then charging through cover for the duck at the WC Test!!

Sitting pretty in the living room....

From left to right Jarrett, Haley, Sass and Tori....what a crew!

Pupster Jarrett

This is Jarrett at 9 weeks old. He is a handsome guy.

Marley @ 4 months

Marley at 4 months. 

Diva The Pool Girl.....

Diva says c'mon in.........the water is fine........


Water Dog!!

Macy is a natural water dog....its hard to keep her out of it.


Jarrett contemplates the meaning of life......

While sitting in a field of flowers, Jarrett ponders the events of the day.....he earned his first Junior leg this day.

Macy at 6 months

Miss Macy at 6 months of age.......

Sass at LRC of the Potomac!!

"Sass" taking the Am-Bred Class at the Potomac Specialty under respected Breeder-Judge Mrs. Carole Coode. What a Special Day!!!

Mother & Son........

This is Tori and her son Jarrett.....I love this picture.

Haley - High Scoring Veteran Obedience!

At the Kennebacassis Obedience Club's Trial, Haley was the High Scoring Veteran in Obedience with a score of 196 1/2!!! I am so proud of my girl!!

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