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Nightwind Labradors
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Welcome to our home! Don't mind the Lab hair, its part of the decor...

Diva & Drake at 11 months

Our Labrador Retrievers are selectively bred for sound temperament as well as structure. We believe in the "Versatile Labrador". Through selective breeding, our goal is to produce

Marley's First Bird!!!!

Labs who can "Do It All". Conformation, Obedience, Field Work and Hunt Tests, Agility and Tracking, Therapy and, above all else, loving companions to the people who make them a part of their lives.

The "New Kid" Marley
retrieving her first bird!

Jarrett at the pond.....

C'mon Mom......
time for more retrieves!!!!!!!!!!

Good Dogs.......


Wait a second......I will wake the dogs up so you can visit with them.  Labs like to be with "their" part of the family.  It is important to me that they are.  As you can see, my dogs are quite comfortable here in our home.

Enough already.....Give us the cookies!!

Our dogs share our home with us and are valued members of the family.  Sometimes they are overcome by Labrador bliss when a visitor arrives.  However, each dog knows that you have to sit to get your cookie!!

What's New at Nightwind?

At the New Brunswick KC shows, Marley took Best of Breed and went on to take a Group Four under judge Charles Bett.  Picture to follow.  What a great win! Can. Ch!


The next day she  again went Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex under respected judge Max Madger to finish her Canadian Championship....Breeder/Owner handled!!  Go Marley!!  Marley made it a clean sweep on Sunday under judge Judi Byrne for 3 nice "insurance points".  What a weekend!!  GoMarley!!

Day 1 at Fredericton....WB/BOW/BOS!!!

The winning streak continued!  At Marley's next show, Fredericton KC show on 7/25/03, "Marley" aka Nightwind Stir It Up goes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex under respected judge Jim Reynolds for another 4 points. 

Marley's First Canadian Points

At the Lady Slipper KC show 7/12/03, "Marley" aka Nightwind Stir It Up goes Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for her first 4 points toward her Canadian Championship!!  Go Marley!!

Lucy goes Best of Breed!

"Lucy" aka Can Ch. Nightwind's Lucy in the Sky CD, JH went WB/BOS the first day and then WB/BOB the second day at the St. Cloud shows.  Nice Job!!!!!

Best Puppy In Breed!!

At the Worcester County KC show 11/30/02, "Marley" aka Nightwind Stir It Up goes Best Puppy in Breed!!  What a nice win!!

"Cadie" finished her CDX title on November 23rd at the Springfield Cluster of shows.  All three qualifying scores earned them class placements.  Congratulations Sandy & Cadie!!  Nice Job!!

The Nightwind Gang did really well at the LRC National Specialty!!

Marley's Ring Debut!!

In her ring debut at just 6 months of age, "Marley" aka Nightwind Stir It Up placed 3rd in a  large 6-9 months Puppy Sweepstakes Class!!  Yeah Marley!!

"Sass" placed 3rd in a large 8-10 YO Veteran Sweepstakes Class.....You still got it kid!!
"Tori" & "Macy" both also earned their Conformation Certificates at the event.

New Junior Hunter!!


"Cadie" is now officially Can. Ch. Nightwind Sweeter Than Sweet Am/Can CD, JH, WC, FDX after qualifying at back to back  hunt tests to complete her Junior title.  Yeah Cadie!!!!!!!


New Canadian Champion!!

Following the specialty at the New Brunswick KC shows, Macy went WB/BOW for 4 points to complete her Canadian Championship at the tender age of 17 months with limited showing, Breeder/Owner handled.  She is now known as Can. Ch. Nightwind's I Love A Parade........we are so proud of her!!

At the Atlantic LRC's Specialty, Macy took 2nd in a large Bred-by Exhibitor class.  She won a large 12-18 month sweeps class and went on to take BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES!!

At the Atlantic LRC's Specialty, Sass took 2nd place in her 9 and over veterans class.  She won her 9 and over Sweepstakes class and went on to take BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES!!!!

New Junior Hunter!!


"Lucy" is now officially Can. Ch. Nightwind's Lucy In The Sky CD, JH after qualifying at back to back  hunt tests to complete her Junior title.  Nice job Kris and Lucy!!



At the Fredericton KC show 7/27/02, "Macy" Nightwind's I Love A Parade goes Winner's Bitch for 2 points.  The next day she went Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners for 5 points!!   Go Macy!!


On June 30, 2002 at the Wampanoag Kennel Club Show, Jarrett goes Winner's Dog and Best of Winners!!  Go Jman!!

Jarrett & Rita

Jarrett &

I am forever taking pictures of the dogs, so come back often for updates!

Happy St. Paddy's Day From The Nightwind Gang!!

Patriotic Macy

Unfortunately, there are many inherited health problems (such as Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy among others) associated with Labrador Retrievers. With this in mind, we do annual ACVO (American College of Veterinary Opthamologists) eye exams.

Rita Smilin'

In addition, our dogs' hips and elbows are radiographed at two years of age and submitted to OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for evaluation. The Labs in our breeding program have passing hip and elbow clearances from OFA and current annual ACVO(American College of Veterinary Opthamologists) eye exams. While there is no guarantee in nature, we do feel that doing eye, hip and elbow clearances is one thing we can do to produce healthy, sound pups.

Macy's first Pheasant!!!  Good Girl!!!

So, whether you are looking for a Nightwind puppy or a pup from another breeder, be sure to accept only this minimal criteria to ensure the best chance of a healthy Labrador companion for your family. We sell our puppies with Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter Agreements.


We are active members of the following clubs:

The Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
The Labrador Retriever Club of the Pioneer Valley
Colonial Retriever Field Trial Club
Holyoke Kennel Club

As well as:

The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (Parent Club)
The Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club (Canada)

Labrador Love

This picture shows *why* I love Labs.  There is nothing like the love between a Labrador and "their child".  This is Aaron Hadar and his best buddy "Sparky" who is one of Tori's puppies.


Here I am with Haley, Sass, Tori & Jarrett (as a pup) on one of our trips to Canada. Sass is the one who doesn't like her picture taken and is looking away. We love to travel and see our friends north of the border!

Tori, Jarrett and Sass

Pretty Diva

I love this picture of Diva.  She is 7 1/2 mos old in it.

Tori and one of her pups......

Motherly Love.......

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Aren't I cute?

Marley plotting her next move......

Haley & Sass

The "mature ladies" of the kennel.  That is Sass on the left and Haley on the right.

Tori with a wood duck......

Tori after a successful morning on the river.

Macy & Littermates at 4 months

That is Macy on the left with 2 of her littermates at 4 months of age.

Opening Day 2002

Nice Job Tori!!!  No wonder you are John's best hunting buddy!

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